Comparably, sativa contains a higher level of CBD compared to THC than indica.
When Sativa plantis is cultivated in an outdoor environment, a fully mature plant can stretch to great heights of close to 20 feet.
They also experience a much more longer vegetation period than their Indica sisters.
It can take between 10 to 16 weeks for Sativa plant to be fully mature immediately after it begins to flower.
Generally, the landrace (pure) strains of Cannabis Sativa require a maximum period of close to six months for it grow and flower.

Typically, sativa is a tall, scraggly looking plant with thin leaves and wiry stocks whereas indica plants are short and bushy. Unlike Sativa, Indica leaves are usually broad and full.

Sativas are commonly found in the warm climates of Central America, Southeast Asia and Mexico. Sativas love growing in the open as well as in warm areas.
This makes the natural equatorial habitat favourable for their growth.
They basically grow between 8 and 12 feet high, a healthy sativa plant can rise up to 18 feet tall when growing under premium conditions.

Smoking sativa: Sativa is sometimes liked to coffee because an excellent Sativa should be about as stimulating as a strong cup of coffee.
Sativa will stimulate you with its strong cerebral effects that is why is predominantly used during the daytime.
A good number of marijuana consumers choose sativa when they’re looking to boost and/or uplift their creative awareness.

Sativas tend to have a lighter, fruity aroma.

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