Having dense foliage and full-figured leaves, indica plants are designed to strive in much harsher growing conditions. Indicas are very short and stubby. But you shouldn’t let this attributes deceive you: these plants are the best resin producers.

Originating from the kush mountain region, Cannabis indica is made to withstand colder and more unstable conditions. As an adaptation to the harsh mountainous climate, it has developed the ability to produce thick cannabinoid-dense resin for protection.

Indicas naturally have high levels of THC and are often very potent. They also have a distinct skunky odor. Most indoor growers prefer growing Indica. Indicas are short, fast, sweet, and are easy to grow and produce a crop quickly.
They generally grow 3 to 6 feet tall having an early flowering time between 8 and 9 weeks.

Indica can also serve as a sleeping pill. It is highly recommended for people with who struggle to find sleep because of their high sedative effects. This is the reason why Indica smokers often feel sleepy, relaxed, and also experience increased appetite.

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